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Levo Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike: A Revolution in Trail Riding

Levo Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike: A Revolution in Trail Riding

Unleash the Adventure: Ride Anywhere, Anytime

The Levo Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike stands as a testament to over 40 years of innovation in mountain biking, marking a bionic leap forward in the world of trail riding. Designed for those who dare to ride farther and explore the uncharted, Levo breaks through the limitations of traditional biking with its exceptional range, power, and ride quality.

Ride Anywhere Range

• Extended Trail Time: Amplify your effort with up to five hours of trail time, pushing the boundaries of your adventure.
• Smart Control: Never worry about running out of power. Levo’s Smart Control feature lets you input your ride’s duration or distance, managing the support level to ensure you complete it with the battery life you have.

A Ride Beyond Belief

• Turbo Full Power 2.2 Motor & MasterMind TCU: Smooth and seamless power amplification with 565 watts of peak power and 90 Nm of torque, ensuring your efforts are multiplied on the trail.
• Integrated Development Approach: A stable, natural trail manner is achieved through 150mm of custom-tuned rear suspension and adjustable geometry, offering a ride quality like no other.

Mixed Wheels, Nimble Ride

• Dedicated Mixed-Wheel Design: Experience unmatched responsiveness with a 27.5” wheel in the back for playful rides and a 29” front wheel to conquer any obstacle.
• Liveliness & Responsiveness: The Levo redefines full-power e-MTB nimbleness, outmaneuvering other bikes on the trail.

The Geometry of Control

• Benchmark Trail Geometry: Achieve category-leading control and capability with Levo’s optimized geometry, ensuring stability and corner control on rough trails.
• Personalized Handling: Adjustable geometry fine-tunes your ride from stable to nimble, catering to every trail and riding style.

Unparalleled Power & Efficiency

• Usable Power: Levo’s refined delivery and controller ensure smooth torque application, providing traction in challenging terrains where others falter.
• Efficiency & Control: The power feels like a natural extension of your efforts, allowing for a smooth, controlled ride that stands out in its class.

Sizing That Makes Sense

• Rider-Centric Sizing: Choose your Levo based on size and riding style, not inseam. Six sizes offer varied riding experiences, from nimble and playful to stable and roomy.

Embark on a journey with the Levo Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike and experience the future of trail riding today. With its unparalleled range, power, and ride quality, the Levo is your ticket to adventures that were once beyond reach. Whether it’s climbing steep inclines effortlessly or tackling challenging terrains with unmatched stability, the Levo makes every ride an unforgettable adventure. Rediscover your passion for the trail with the Levo and ride beyond belief.

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