Bike Guide

    How to & where to ride Atlanta.

    Atlanta's cycling culture is a vibrant tapestry woven from the threads of diverse backgrounds, skill levels, and riding styles. It's a place where road warriors, mountain biking enthusiasts, and casual riders come together to celebrate the joy of cycling.

    The city's cycling scene is characterized by a deep appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds it. Riders explore not only the city's well-kept secret trails and parks but also venture into the lush, rolling hills of the surrounding countryside. From peaceful rides along the tranquil Chattahoochee River to thrilling descents down rugged mountain paths, there's a cycling experience for everyone.

    While Atlanta continues to enhance its cycling infrastructure with dedicated lanes and paths, it's also home to creative solutions like the BeltLine, where cyclists and pedestrians traverse a converted railway corridor brimming with art installations and vibrant street life.

    Safety First

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    Wear a helmet, every ride. Period. All Specialized helmets include MIPS safety features for industry leading protection.


    Equip your bike with daytime running lights on the front & rear of your bike. Be seen day & night.


    Atlanta's hot. And even more humid. Make sure to take adequate water for every ride, no matter the distance.


    Road Riding

    Atlanta and North Georgia offer road cyclists a diverse landscape of challenging climbs, scenic routes through historic towns, and a welcoming community. From panoramic mountain views to year-round riding, this region caters to riders of all levels seeking a rewarding cycling experience.


    The BeltLine is an innovative urban redevelopment project in Atlanta, featuring a network of multi-use trails, parks, and green spaces that encircle the city, offering residents and visitors a vibrant and accessible way to explore the city's neighborhoods and culture.

    Silver Comet

    The Silver Comet Trail is a picturesque and popular multi-use trail stretching over 60 miles from Atlanta, Georgia, to the Alabama border, providing cyclists, runners, and walkers with a scenic journey through forests, over trestle bridges, and past charming towns.

    Stone Mountain

    Join the Stone Mountain Trail, which starts in Decatur with the street of Stone Mountain Park, making over 20 miles of road riding. Stone Mountain Park offers protected bike lanes, challenging climbs, & beautiful scenic views.

    Silk Sheets

    Gently rolling hills, cow pastures, and silky smooth concrete make this 25-mile or so route on the rural highways surrounding Serenbe one of the metro region’s most popular routes for the spandex-warrior crowd.

    Six Gap

    The Six Gap Ride is a challenging and iconic cycling event in North Georgia, featuring six steep mountain gaps and stunning alpine scenery, attracting cyclists seeking an exhilarating and demanding ride.


    Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking in Atlanta and North Georgia offers exhilarating off-road adventures with a diverse range of trails, from rugged mountainous terrain to serene forested paths, catering to riders of all skill levels. The region's natural beauty, including pristine forests and cascading waterfalls, creates an awe-inspiring backdrop for mountain biking enthusiasts.

    Sope Creek

    Sope Creek Mountain Bike Trails provide a thrilling off-road experience just outside of Atlanta, with a network of well-maintained trails winding through lush woods along the banks of the Chattahoochee River.


    Chicopee Woods Trails offer mountain bikers a diverse and challenging off-road experience, featuring a network of trails that wind through scenic forests and rolling terrain in Gainesville, GA.

    Blankets Creek

    Blankets Creek Trails in Cherokee County, Georgia, provide mountain bikers with a thrilling off-road adventure, featuring a variety of well-maintained trails that cater to different skill levels, surrounded by serene woodland and even a picturesque lake.


    Social Rides

    Atlanta boasts a welcoming and diverse cycling community, with local clubs and advocacy groups that organize group rides and support cycling initiatives.

    Midweek Roll

    Midweek Roll is a cycling club and group ride based in Atlanta, GA. Our focus is inclusivity and community while cycling and beyond. You can expect a casual ride with a stop in the middle for a rad photo and fist bumps and/or air high fives. Make some time to join along and catch up with old friends or even make some new ones.

    Every Wednesday at 97 Estoria in Cabbagetown at 7PM. The ride leaves at 7:30 sharp and ends back at the same spot.

    Critical Mass

    On the last Friday of every month, hundreds of bicyclists gather at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta at around 6 P.M.

    From there the group heads on a slow and scenic 10 to 15 mile ride through the city, the route changes each month. If you've never been, don't be intimidated by the distance, the dark, riding on the road, or riding in the city... it isn't too scary, too strenuous, too far, or too fast, but it is a lot of fun.