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Social Group Rides: Staff Picks

Get ready to pedal with purpose and join the vibrant cycling community of Atlanta! Our Social Rides page is your go-to destination for the most exhilarating and inclusive biking experiences in the city. From the energetic buzz of Critical Mass, held on the last Friday of each month, to the friendly vibes of Midweek Roll every other Wednesday, these rides are more than just cycling – they're about camaraderie, urban exploration, and a shared passion for two wheels. Whether you're looking to explore Atlanta's streets under the city lights or make new friends in the cycling world, our social rides offer the perfect blend of adventure and social connection. Strap on your helmet, light up your bike, and dive into the exciting world of Atlanta's social cycling scene!

Both rides are at a social, converstation pace. Rides show up on all types of bikes, so join us on whatever you've got that has two wheels.

Social Group Rides
Midweek Roll

Cabbagetown - Every other Wednesday

Midweek Roll is a cycling club and group ride based in Atlanta, GA. Their focus is inclusivity and community, both during cycling and beyond. Expect a casual ride with a stop for a photo and socializing. Join us to catch up with friends or make new ones.

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Critical Mass

Woodruff Park - Last Friday of Each Month

Join the cycling community every last Friday of the month for Critical Mass in Atlanta. This monthly social bike ride, starting at Woodruff Park at 6 PM, unites cycling enthusiasts and advocates for a leisurely 10 to 15-mile ride through the city. Each ride features a new route, ensuring a unique experience every time. Designed for cyclists of all levels, it's an opportunity to enjoy the city's streets with nearly 300 fellow bikers, fostering community, advocacy, and the joy of cycling in the heart of Atlanta.

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Please Note:

Disclaimer: The ride descriptions provided are for informational purposes only. Riders are advised to participate in any cycling activity at their own risk. Peachtree Bikes does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information provided. It is the responsibility of each rider to verify the current conditions and details of the routes. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear. Ensure that you are adequately prepared in terms of fitness, skill level, and equipment for the chosen route. The difficulty levels of rides vary, and it is essential to match your skill level with the ride's difficulty to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember, your safety is your responsibility.