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Six Gap

The Six Gap Century route in North Georgia is a formidable and exhilarating cycling challenge that spans over 104 miles. This route, renowned for its steep climbs and thrilling descents, traverses six major gaps in the North Georgia Mountains: Neels Gap, Jacks Gap, Unicoi Gap, Hogpen Gap, Woody Gap, and Wolfpen Gap. The elevations of these gaps range from 1,400 feet to 3,460 feet, offering a test of stamina with more than 11,200 feet of vertical climbing. One of the most challenging parts of the Six Gap Century is the climb at Hogpen Gap, which is particularly grueling. This stretch has an average grade of 7% over seven miles, with sections that steepen to a 15% grade, posing a significant challenge even for strong riders.

For cyclists looking for a shorter yet still challenging experience, the Three Gap Fifty is a great alternative. This version covers half the distance and includes only three of the six gaps.

The route's demanding nature is balanced by the exhilarating descents that follow each climb, offering a thrilling experience for cyclists.


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