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Gainesville, GA

Chicopee Woods

Chicopee Woods, located in northeastern Georgia, offers an engaging experience with its diverse singletrack trails winding through scenic hardwood forests. This intermediate/difficult route is a favorite among local riders for its blend of technical features and natural beauty.

The ride begins on the Tortoise Trail, a mellow warm-up, and includes segments like White Tail Trail and Copperhead Gap, known for their zigzagging nature and enjoyable descents. The route features the Flying Squirrel trail, with its series of ups and downs, before concluding with the Coyote Trail, offering a quick and fun ride. The trail system is 95% singletrack with an elevation range from 320 meters to 385 meters, and a total ascent and descent of 432 meters each. The route is popular for its variety, offering everything from smooth rides to technical challenges, making it a comprehensive and enjoyable experience in the Gainesville, GA area.


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