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Gravel Rides: Staff Picks

Our gravel rides traverse a diverse array of terrain, offering a perfect mix of adventure and challenge. Riders can immerse themselves in routes that meander through rustic backroads, rolling hills, and scenic landscapes, providing an exceptional off-road experience. These rides are ideal for those who seek to blend the thrill of exploration with the spirit of cycling, suitable for both seasoned gravel enthusiasts and those new to this exhilarating form of riding. As always, prepare for your ride, always wear your helmet, & ask if you have any quetsions!

Gravel Rides
Dirty Sheets

South Fulton, GA

The Dirty Sheets Gravel Loop is a popular gravel biking route near Atlanta, offering a great escape from city traffic. Rated as intermediate, this 20.7-mile loop, with an elevation ranging from 741 to 1,005 feet, is approximately 90% gravel and 10% paved road. Starting from Cochran Mill Park, the route features varied terrain including uphill segments and intersects with several gravel roads. The loop parallels singletrack in Cochran Mill Park and passes through scenic areas with a mix of climbs and flat stretches. It's ideal for when trails are wet and can be extended to 33 miles by exploring all out-and-back gravel roads. The ride can also include a side trip to Serenbe. Parking is available at Cochran Mill Park for a fee.

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Potato Patch

Elijah, GA

The Potato Patch Gravel Bike Ride begins at Mulberry Gap Mountain Bike Getaway, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience. This ride encompasses a continuous 6-mile climb into the Cohutta Wildlife Management Area, presenting stunning views and natural beauty, including the Barnes Creek picnic area. The route features switchbacks leading to an unobstructed viewpoint and several old houses atop the ridge. Riders can enjoy a short descent followed by another climb, leading to the optional 6.9-mile extension to Grassy Mountain's fire tower. The descent back features about 10 miles of scenic terrain, before transitioning to paved roads with farmland views. The final 4.5 miles are particularly challenging, concluding back at Mulberry Gap where riders can relax and reflect on the journey.

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Murder Creek

Jasper County, GA

The Murder Creek gravel bike ride in Jasper County, Georgia, offers a scenic and varied 25.4-mile route with an elevation gain of 1,299 feet. Starting at the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center by Boyle Murder Lake, the ride includes approximately 3 miles of paved road, with the remainder traversing packed red clay, chunky loose rock, and smooth dirt trails. Riders should be attentive to changing terrains, and can enjoy the rural landscape, including the smells of manure and sights of cows, which add to the rustic charm of the route. The ride culminates with a long gravel hill leading to a thrilling 30mph descent on paved road, ending back at the lakes where fishing is an option. The area is also playfully rumored to be home to Bigfoot.

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Murder Creek

White, GA

The Pine Log gravel ride in White, GA, is a challenging 19.3-mile route with an elevation gain of 1,886 feet. Starting at the Pine Log parking lot, the ride features a stream crossing, a climb to a fire pit with a view, and a descent to a creek. The terrain is quite rough, causing water bottles to rattle around. The route includes several peaks with tight grips needed for the descents. A hike-a-bike section around 11.5 miles in leads to a rewarding view and a gravel road. The final stretch includes about 7 miles of mixed terrain, ending with a 2-mile pavement climb before coasting back to the parking lot. This ride is demanding but fulfilling, leaving riders feeling exhausted yet satisfied.

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High Shoals Falls

Dallas, GA

The High Shoals Falls gravel bike ride in Dallas, GA is a challenging 21.5-mile route with about 1500 feet of elevation. Starting from the High Shoals Falls parking area, the first 3 miles are on smooth asphalt back roads, followed by a section through the Sheffield Wildlife Management Area, where a land pass is required. The terrain is mixed, with fine gravel and pinestraw. A particularly tough 4.3-mile stretch includes sandy roads and rough terrain. The route then joins the Silver Comet Trail briefly before returning to gravel on Johnny Monk Road. The ride concludes back at the parking area, near the falls.

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Disclaimer: The ride descriptions provided are for informational purposes only. Riders are advised to participate in any cycling activity at their own risk. Peachtree Bikes does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information provided. It is the responsibility of each rider to verify the current conditions and details of the routes. Always wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear. Ensure that you are adequately prepared in terms of fitness, skill level, and equipment for the chosen route. The difficulty levels of rides vary, and it is essential to match your skill level with the ride's difficulty to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember, your safety is your responsibility.